Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of October : Day 1... Windows Open

*NOTE:  This post has been heavily revised!**  I've been thinking of blogging for a long time but finally took the plunge after kind encouragement from several friends.  Since my forte is planning and my failing is implementing, I think it appropriate to begin this adventure with a challenge to keep me on track... 31 Days of_______. I am unaware of any specific rules for this challenge except to post a  blog each day of October that relates to one topic.  I'd break the rules anyway I'll trust that you'll forgive any oversight on my part and appreciate the effort.  The topic I am choosing is "October".  October is my favorite month because it is the real beginning of my favorite season... Fall!
DAY 1: Windows Open
I opened all the windows in the house today.  It is the first time they've been open since we turned on the air conditioning 4 months ago.  I'll just go ahead and confess... I absolutely HATE to be hot.  The only thing that allows me to be tolerable in summer tolerate summer is air conditioning, but I do love to open the windows in October to let the airy ocean ebb and flow throughout the house, bringing with it the sounds and smells of Autumn.  It brings in other stuff, too, but lets not lose our focus.
I love to hear the birds chirping and the geese honking as they make their way toward warmer climes. I even appreciate hearing the neighbors' outdoor conversations, reminding me that I never know who is listening to my words. 
Fall has a smell all its own.  Even before people light their woodstoves and bonfires, I can smell Fall.  I don't know where to attribute the scent, but it is there. 
I hope you are able to open your windows in Fall and enjoy it as much as I do.


  1. This is good, Joanne. I like the easier to read font. Again, I wish you much success with your new endeavor.

    1. Thanks! It is definitely a work in progress :-)