Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 Days of October: Day 28... Pumpkin Babies 2012

Of course we must start a new fall tradition of visiting Mr. Pepper's Pumpkin Patch before the boys are even able to sit up well by themselves! We didn't stay very long.  Levi and Liam were not at all interested in taking a happy picture for Grandma, but that is okay.  They liked sitting in the dirt and pulling on vines and such.  And that's the thing about traditions... there's always next year!!   
Grandpa and the boys.
 Levi... He was determined to get that stick from behind the pumpkin!
 Liam... He was determined to get ahold of the wild onions and refused to look at the camera!
When my children were young I never embraced the idea of traditions.  I didn't like many of them so never really saw the need to have any.  Now that I have grandchildren I am looking for ways to start traditions.  I'll not over analyze it and just enjoy it!