Friday, October 5, 2012

31 Days of October: Day 5... Making the (Raised) Bed... part 2

Getting back to work on a project after I've put all the tools away has always been a challenge for me but since the second part of this project was relatively easy and my husband was anxious to get it done, we finished in short order!  You can read about the first part here.

The rain was lighter and of shorter duration than we anticipated so we were able to get back to work as soon as we got home from the store where we purchased 6 bags of garden soil.  I resisted the temptation to buy anything else.  Impulse buying...  More about that at another time!

This part of the project was easy and went much more quickly than earlier so that was nice!  It consisted of my husband dumping the bags in the bed and me raking it out smoooth while avoiding any of it falling into the mini-composters.  Simple!

When my husband and I first started thinking of putting in a raised bed we decided that we'd better not do too much research about the "hows and whys".  We often get bogged down in doing projects like this the "right" way and end up not doing them.  Well, I do, anyway.  That causes a lot of stress and tends to get us sidetracked so we forged ahead without much planning.  In the future I'd like to make my own soil, or at least not have to purchase as much, but for now I am content to do it this way.

Here is my always helpful husband:

Nice, even soil:

I put these pots over the mini-composters for picture purposes only, just to give you an idea of what it might end up looking like.  I'll likely use clay posts.  These plastic ones are part of a container garden ornament so they can't stay here!

October really is my favorite month of the year and I am so enjoying my Fall projects.  Last Spring I was participating in a study with several other ladies and one of the chapters in the book we were using was about investing our time as opposed to spending our time.  That concept has been rolling around in my brain since then and has encouraged me to make some changes in my daily life.  Everyday living looks very similar to an ordinary life, especially to outsiders, but the first is doing "stuff" with purpose, the latter is just doing "stuff".  Colossians 3:23 admonishes us to work willingly as for the Lord and not for people.  I'm not sure if God is really concerned about whether or not I do things such as gardening, but I KNOW that He is concerned with my heart while I'm doing it.  I've always said that I'd like to enjoy gardening because gardeners seem to be among the most content people I know.  Not sure how true that is (I heard alot of complaining at some gardening workshops I attended last year! haha) but I am pursuing the joy in it to make a glad heart!

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