Monday, March 31, 2014

Gathering in March

Ah, it's the end of the month and once again time to gather the moments via pictures.  I've had a ton of photo ops, now if only I had remembered to use my camera!  February and March brought a change of routine for me (all good stuff!) but since I adjust to change quite slowly (even the good stuff!), I'm just now finding a groove.  But the chaos upheaval meant that my camera was left behind.  Or left unused.

Much of March has been gray, cold, and snowy....

But we ate well...

And I saved seeds from the gorgeous Seminole Squash to grow my own for next year...

And amped up my nutrition with these berry/kale/beet/coconut smoothies...

And was gifted with a dozen beautiful eggs...

That were bright and luscious...
On yet another snowy day...
On which I made coconut-maple snow cream...
 Then the new season asserts itself...

Only to be assaulted yet again...

Despite the snow, I know Spring is coming!

Sort of like life, yes?
Thinking About Home

Monday, March 3, 2014

Make It New Monday 03/03/14... Hooks to Hummingbird Feeders

I am experiencing difficulties with my computer/internet service.  If the linky or button code aren't working properly, please let me know.  Thanks for your patience!

Welcome to Make It New Monday here at My Not-So-Empty Nest, a once-a-month series that will last for as long as I feel like it.  I get bored easily.  So while you have the opportunity, link up with your remade, refurbished, repurposed, recycled projects to share with us.  I enjoy seeing what all y'all are up to in blogdom.  If this is your first time linking up you may want to check out the introduction HERE, then pop back over here to add your link, grab my button, and admire each other's creativity.

I made 3 separate feeder stations for the extremely territorial hummingbirds who visit us.

Materials:  cheapy, short garden hooks
                   small discarded pots   
                   duct tape
                   Great Stuff spray foam
                   potting soil
                   water-storing crystals (optional)
                   various decorative plants
                   large decorative pots
                   small hummingbird feeder
NOTE:  I would not recommend planting edible plants in these planters as I do not know what sort of nasty stuff seeps into the soil from the spray foam.  If you choose to plant edibles, do so at your own risk.

1. Gather materials.
 2.  Cover holes in small pots with duct tape.
3.  Spray a little bit of foam in small pot to test its expansion.

4. Place bottom of hook in pot.

5.  Stabilize hook so that it remains upright with whatever you have on hand.  I used duct tape, Styrofoam,  and paint stirrers.

6.  Fill pot with more Great Stuff.  Caution... it will continue to expand until it hardens.  I had to trim some off of one of the pots.

7.  When dry, place small pot inside large pot.

8.  Add potting soil and water storing crystals, if using.

Lesson Learned... Don't over-use the crystals or they will push the soil out of the pot, along with the plant roots.  This is NOT desirable!

9.  Plant your decorative plants as you wish.

10.  Fill and hang your hummingbird feeder and wait for it to be discovered.

My Not-So-Empty Nest

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Gathering In February

This month's Gathering, hosted by Cheryl at THINKING ABOUT HOME(link to her blog below), is a bit different than last month's since almost all of the pictures I took this month were to fulfill a Photo-a-day Challenge hosted by Kati (link to her blog below).  I do believe that between the two of them, Cheryl and Kati are determined to make us all into photographers.  And I am thankful to them!  Below you will find thumbnail photos of each week's photos with a link to those posts. 


Thinking About Home