Monday, March 3, 2014

Make It New Monday 03/03/14... Hooks to Hummingbird Feeders

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Welcome to Make It New Monday here at My Not-So-Empty Nest, a once-a-month series that will last for as long as I feel like it.  I get bored easily.  So while you have the opportunity, link up with your remade, refurbished, repurposed, recycled projects to share with us.  I enjoy seeing what all y'all are up to in blogdom.  If this is your first time linking up you may want to check out the introduction HERE, then pop back over here to add your link, grab my button, and admire each other's creativity.

I made 3 separate feeder stations for the extremely territorial hummingbirds who visit us.

Materials:  cheapy, short garden hooks
                   small discarded pots   
                   duct tape
                   Great Stuff spray foam
                   potting soil
                   water-storing crystals (optional)
                   various decorative plants
                   large decorative pots
                   small hummingbird feeder
NOTE:  I would not recommend planting edible plants in these planters as I do not know what sort of nasty stuff seeps into the soil from the spray foam.  If you choose to plant edibles, do so at your own risk.

1. Gather materials.
 2.  Cover holes in small pots with duct tape.
3.  Spray a little bit of foam in small pot to test its expansion.

4. Place bottom of hook in pot.

5.  Stabilize hook so that it remains upright with whatever you have on hand.  I used duct tape, Styrofoam,  and paint stirrers.

6.  Fill pot with more Great Stuff.  Caution... it will continue to expand until it hardens.  I had to trim some off of one of the pots.

7.  When dry, place small pot inside large pot.

8.  Add potting soil and water storing crystals, if using.

Lesson Learned... Don't over-use the crystals or they will push the soil out of the pot, along with the plant roots.  This is NOT desirable!

9.  Plant your decorative plants as you wish.

10.  Fill and hang your hummingbird feeder and wait for it to be discovered.

My Not-So-Empty Nest


  1. ACK!! I am sorry that your comments aren't working. Computer issues are sooooo frustrating. Blah.

    That said, here I am trying to make a comment...because this is such a wonderful idea!! I love the hummingbird hooks! I am thinking that these would also be easier to fill as they are easier to reach. Another great "make it new" project!

    1. They seem to be working now! YAY!

      They are easy to reach and easy to move around if needed. Thanks, Cheryl.

  2. These are so neat! Practical and decorative too. I am wondering about the accessibility for cats etc. to get the birds. Hummingbirds are so fast and watchful, maybe they stand their ground.

    1. Thanks, Aunt Betty. I never thought about cats. Hopefully they wouldn't be a problem for the hummers.

  3. What a great idea, I am so looking forward to my hummingbirds returning.
    Thank you for visiting and for your sweet comment.

    1. We only have a few visit us, but it is fun to watch their antics. Visiting your blog was a pleasure!

  4. That is a very cool idea. Does it also attract butterflies?

    1. Mine didn't, but I don't notice many butterflies around our house anyway. But they might for you!