Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gathering in April

This month's gathering in which I join Cheryl at Thinking About Home for her monthly link up is slightly different than previous months.  Although this doesn't strictly follow the "rules" that she outlined, I think I know Cheryl well enough to know that she won't mind... just this once.

April has been a month of moments holding great joy for me.  I don't use the word joy lightly since it is not only a word that Scripture attaches holy meaning to, but it was also my mother's name.  So I say JOY with its fullest span of meaning.

So many moments that string together to make a season...

** that moment when I took off a pair of jeans, knowing I'd never wear them again because they are way too big.

**that moment when I whispered "Help me" to a friend and she immediately covered me with prayer and spoke live-giving words.

**that moment when that same friend called and said "We are moving.  In three days," and my ability to rejoice for their opportunity overshadowed the sorrow I felt at our separation.

**that moment when I stood atop a massive pile of composted horse manure and laughed out loud at this unexpected development in my life.

**that moment when my 2-year-old twin grandsons locked their arms around my neck, not wanting me to leave, and saying "Mommaw" over and over.

**that moment when I was about to take a deep drink from that pit called Anxiety and a notecard arrived in the mail with knowing, meaningful words of encouragement written inside.

**that moment when my husband gave me a look that means the same thing it has always meant but seeing nearly 26 years of depth supporting it.

**that moment when a friend and I shared an afternoon of laughter over a couple cups of tea out on her patio in the spring sunshine.

**that moment when a bad situation took a turn for the worse and a sense of peace flooded into my mind as a balm for the stinging.

**that moment when  a root of bitterness released its grip on my heart and I felt the full impact of love flow into that space.

**that moment when an old fear turned into a new confidence.

**that moment when I leaned into the discomfort of true vulnerability that forged a stronger bond with both old and new friends.

**that moment when I realized that I am developing a trust response toward God in stressful seasons.

**that moment when the scent of lilacs reminded me to appreciate the simple things.

All I can say now is... May has some big shoes to fill. 

Thinking About Home

Monday, April 7, 2014

Make It New Monday 4/7/14... From Garage to Home Gym

This month's Make It New Monday is a little bit different for a couple of reasons.  #1 I don't have any REAL before pictures and #2 It is a large project that we hired someone to do most of the work.  This space started out as a junk pit  one-car oversized garage that we used for storage.  I am so glad that none of you were flies on the wall to hear the disagreements that my husband and  I had over that space.  It was so awful that I felt unsafe walking through it.  But that was then and this is now and we are both very pleased with the way things have worked out.
When our son and daughter-in-law came to live with us when they found out that they were expecting twins, we had the garage converted into a bedroom/living area for them, and that's where the pictures start.  We had a drop ceiling installed, drywall all around, a walk-in closet built, and carpet laid.  Our son installed the shelves to house his extensive DVD collection.
Entry During
 I like having a second refrigerator for so many reasons but since it is a gym, I especially like to keep water bottles in it.  Near the door we have a double walking stroller for when we take the twins for a walk with us, and some of the toys they like to play with outside.  Also, there is a seat where I put on my walking shoes.  I don't like to wear those shoes through the house since the area where I walk is littered with so many goose... offerings...

My husband now uses the walk-in closet for his clothes and sundry things.  He's a packrat so I refused to take AFTER pictures of that area.  I love the man, but he's a messy!

Entry and privacy wall
Walk-in closet

Outside wall of walk-in closet


Shelving area and door into house BEFORE

Back wall BEFORE

In the process...

Outside wall of walk-in closet and shelves AFTER

Back wall

Side wall

So there it is!  Our home gym.  Now I have no legitimate excuses to slack, right?

Remember to link up below to share the projects you've been working on!

My Not-So-Empty Nest

Friday, April 4, 2014

Life From Decay... a Link-up Photo

On a recent trip to the Orlando, Florida area I visited Leu Gardens with my Aunt Betty.  I really enjoyed seeing so many plants that were unfamiliar to me, and had a fun time taking pictures.  
This is one of my favorites...
Life From Decay

Kati's Little Corner of the World