Sunday, October 7, 2012

31 Days of October: Day 7... When Highchairs Become Deck Chairs

Our deck is directly off our kitchen and sits facing east.  You'd think we would sit out there to watch the sunrise but we rarely do.  Morning enthusiast I am not.  No, our time to sit outside is in the evening right after supper.  After I've cleared the dishes, packed hubby's lunch for the next day, and put away leftovers, my husband stacks the dishwasher and wipes down the counters and table while I get the chair cushions and put my feet up.  We've gotten out of the habit recently and it is a habit I intend to revive!

October is the perfect time to do that!  I enjoy the moderate temperatures of early Fall.  We've had some unseasonably warm days this year but the evenings have been nice for outdoor sitting.  That's when we have our best and deepest discussions about life in general... few distractions!   

A couple nights ago as we routinely tidied the kitchen, the boys became a little fussy sitting in their highchairs.  Not crying, just fussy.  They are teething so they've been crankier than usual and we do our best to distract or comfort them as needed.  Our son was at work and our daughter-in-law was headed to the hospital to visit someone so we were on Grandparent duty.  This particular moment it seemed as if they were in need of distraction.  They'd had their dinner but it wasn't quite time for bath time.  What to do?

Pick them up in their highchairs and set them outside was what!  Those little guys sat out there for a good 10 minutes without a peep while we finished what needed to be done (don't worry, the kitchen door was open and we were never more than 10 feet away from them).  When we were done we pulled up our chairs alongside them and relaxed for quite some time before they became fussy again.

Here are the boys (Levi in blue, Liam in red) soaking in the sights.  I adore those chubby-cheeked, drooly smiles!


Here are Grandpa and Levi in matching outfits! haha!  Levi is currently fascinated with his toes. 
Here is Liam.  He was especially content being outside.

We may not have been able to discuss many dreams, plans or concerns, but this was an evening that I wouldn't have traded for being "alone".  I was deeply, unreservedly content.  One thing I am learning is to focus on the things that are GAINED by sacrifice rather than by what is lost. 
God knows the desires of my heart and longs to give them to me, just as any parent does for their children.  If I don't have it then I maybe I just don't need it.  Or maybe He is waiting until I am ready to acknowledge the HE is the one who provided it rather than me wrestling it out of life's hand and taking credit for it myself.  I may not understand why things aren't the way they should be at all times but the more I trust Him, the stronger my faith becomes... even when I don't get what I want.
So until I have all the answers, I will pursue contentment and joy with the blessings I have now... especially the chubby-cheeked, drooly kind!    



  1. Nothing like little ones to get ya back outdoors.. I love it!!