Monday, November 18, 2013

A Grand Slumber Party

It has been about 6 months since our son and daughter-in-law moved to their own home, taking our twin grandsons, Levi and Liam, with them.   

Well it was high time that the boys came for an over nighter!  Our son asked if we would babysit for an evening while he and his wife went out for a date, and since Grandpa wasn't working the next day, we offered to keep them all night.

They arrived shortly before dinner to give Mommy and Daddy time to set up the travel cribs before leaving for their baby-free night.  We also dragged out a few foam mattresses for the wrestling matches sure to come later in the evening.

Almost immediately we had to rearrange our newly placed end table to prevent our little daredevils from climbing up the steps on the outside of the railing.  No biggie.  I just moved it to where it would be much more safe to sit on. 

I'd rather spend my time enjoying their visit than scolding them. 

After dinner (baked chicken, buttered carrots, and spinach balls which I keep mistakenly calling sausage balls) was more playtime.

Levi and Liam are a hoot-and-a-half with all their antics and baby-pronounced words.  Saying "moh" while signing "more" which can either mean more or again, depending on the context.  And with those big eyes full of eager expectation... who can resist?

Playing.  Squealing.  Head bonks. Climbing. Laughing.  Pure joy.

Bath time.  It was so much easier before they were able to cooperate. 

Jammies on.  Hair Combed.  Teeth brushed.  More play.

Bed time.  Uh... or so we thought.  They were having NONE OF THAT.  Levi was up over the side of his crib in less time than it took me to type 'up over the side of his crib'.  It is a good thing we had those mattresses out on the floor.  We pushed them together and all laid down until the boys fell asleep.  Which isn't quite as uneventful as it sounds.  It took them almost 2.5 hours to close their eyes for the night. 

Some time around 1:00 a.m. Levi woke up crying so Grandpa and I abandoned our spots on the couches and slept for the rest of the night on the floor with the boys between us.

In the morning, somewhere around 5:30 I awoke to a little voice saying "Ahts.  Ahts."  Which in Levi-speak means "Watch.  Watch."  He was sitting up with Grandpa's watch held aloft to show the prized plaything.  Seconds later, Liam's eyes popped open.  Biiiiiig stretch and huge smile.  Two fuzzy-headed babies, fresh from sleep, and happy.

Diaper changes.  Milk.  Play.  Breakfast.  Clothes changed.  More play, but ready to go.

We'll be having a slumber party again!

A favorite spot... sitting in the window.
They love to play with our Wawa cups.  Liam's expression is similar to mine when my coffee is all gone.

If it fits, it's a hat.  Levi insisted Grandpa get in on the headgear action.
Flashlights are a must at a slumber party, right?

I wasn't going to include this picture because it was so dark but then I noticed that Liam photobombed it.  
Playing on the "new" coffee table that we recently found for $1.00 at a local thrift store.  Notice that the puppies are safely away behind the gate my husband built.

Morning milk is a must for these fuzzy headed, sleepy-eyed babies!

Foam shapes for sensory fun.  Keeping it somewhat contained in a travel crib.

This is pretty much what the entire living room looked like off and on the whole time.  


  1. Double fun! Double sweetness! Double sleep? Not for Grandma and Grandpa! Oh, they are so cute. I absolutely love the blond curls in the back. (Ryan's hair was the same way at that age, so the warm fuzzies take over.) :)

    Who had more fun? The boys or you two?

    1. I'm pretty sure the fun-ometer measured pretty high for all of us :-) Blond curls and baby feet get you every time!