Monday, November 4, 2013

Make It New Monday... Announcing a New Series

Early last spring I began thinking of a series to do for the 31Day Blog Challenge in October but failed to follow through on in.  Read my confession HERE.

After making that confession I amended what I had already done as part of the original series and posted a 31Day series of quotes and scripture overlaid on pictures that I had taken.  I had, after all, completed about 2-thirds of them and I didn't want the time I had already spend to be for naught! The index for that series can be found HERE.

Now I'm staring at a collection of in-progress projects and wondering if they will fall by the wayside as so many past projects have.  I just don't want to let that happen! 

This blog was started to document the things I think and do in pursuit of contentment and joy in everyday living.  It is sort of an accountability thing.  An external motivation to keep the internal motivation from waning.

So here's the plan to keep me on track... On the first Monday of every month I will be posting pictures and tutorials of all sorts of made-over, re-purposed, and up-cycled projects, and inviting you to link up YOUR projects, too!!! 

Just about any project will do as long as long as it starts out like "this" and ends up like "that". Refashion a  t-shirt into a headband?  Link up!  Re-work a recipe to better meet your family's dietary needs?  Link up!  Turn a closet into a reading nook (or vice versa)?  Link up!  Make wall art out of drinking straws?  Link up! 

Ready! Aim! Spray Paint!!!!!  See you back here on December 2, 2013!

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