Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yellow Dishes and Smoocheroos for Hubby

I have been looking for special occasion dinner plates for about, oh, 20 years now.  I could never find any that I thought I wouldn't get bored with so I just kept using the plain white Corelle that  I bought the year after I got married.  That was almost 25 years ago.

I never really searched for new plates, just browsed about if I saw something that looked interesting.  Then one day I saw a couple boxes of dish sets sitting on a clearance shelf and said "Yep, that's what I want."  My husband agreed so we bought them.  I love the color.  Yellow.  Which is odd because I am not typically drawn it.  But this particular shade of yellow is a bit more neutral than others and will work quite well with all sorts of accent dishes.

Aren't they pretty?  I just love 'em!  And the flowers?  A nice "welcome home" gift from my Hubby after returning from an overnight visit somewhere.  What can I say?  He misses me when I'm gone.  That's not to say that he isn't delighted to see me go sometimes but that is for another post.

I've kept the new dishes in their boxes all these months because I didn't have a place for them on any shelf or in any cabinet.  After the kids moved out I had much more space to spread out and I had the perfect spot for them.  I placed the mugs, bowls, small plates, and dinner plates in said perfect spot and closed the door.  


The large plates stuck out about an inch past where they should have!  I think I said  "You have GOT to be kidding me!" a little more forcefully than I had intended because my husband and daughter were quite concerned that I may have just lost $1,000 or something major like that.

Months of waiting and they didn't fit!  So I Googled plate racks.  I must've looked at 50 or more styles but none of them would work since they weren't angled correctly for my needs.  This had nothing to do with preference.  The plates had to be at an angle to fit.

My husband offered to build one for me but... well... see... how do I say this gently?  He doesn't always listen to what I need for him to build.  He builds for me what he thinks I want him to build for me rather than what I meticulously describe.  This has caused many an argument over the last 25 years.  One of which happened just a few weeks ago where I vowed and declared that I would never let him build another thing for me... ever! 

I like functional things to be plain, no frills.  My husband likes to add "touches".  Just extras that he thinks will enhance it to better meet my needs.  He would have made an excellent Victorian.  My natural inclination to keep things Spartan tends to make cave dwellers look a bit frou-frou.  And the ones who had those stick figures on the walls?  Pretentious!

I completely rejected was hesitant to accept his kind offer and kept looking despite his promise to keep it simple.

Now to make a long story slightly shorter I'll skip some minor details.  We compromised (that's what you do when all else fails, right?) and decided to go with purchasing a plain dish rack for him to disassemble and put back together at the needed angle.  Then we found out how much it would cost... upwards of $40!  NO THANK YOU! (**See Note at bottom**)

Isn't it amazing how the exorbitant cost of something can increase your faith in your husband's promise to deliver?  So I gave him the okay to build it... along with meticulous instructions.

Here it is, friends.  My plain dish rack.  It fits and is EXACTLY what I asked for.  Not one single frou to be found.  I danced!  I clapped my hands!  I gave my man a big ol' smoocheroo right then and there, and declared it to be perfect!  And it cost less than $10 even when you figure in the sales tax and the small amount of paint that he already had on hand.

And the door completely closes!

**Note** We would have needed to purchase 2 racks at $20-25 each (plus shipping) in order for it to hold all 8 plates.

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  1. Perfect!! I love your new cheery! I love that your hubby made you the perfect plate rack...and that you gave him a "smoocheroo"! And I love this line, "My natural inclination to keep things Spartan tends to make cave dwellers look a bit frou-frou." That makes me laugh!

    (I obviously love exclamation points too!)

    1. He loves the smoocheroos, too! I'm pretty sure I laughed as I wrote that line. So very glad people when people "get" my humor!