Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Nest of Their Own

Our son and his wife moved in with us early February, 2012 when we found out they were expecting twins.  This was to afford them the ability to save some money to purchase their own house and allow my daughter-in-law to continue her college education without having to work outside the home.  This kind of arrangement has become more common, a sign of the times.  I think it is called the "Boomerang Generation"-- adult children moving back in with their parents after having been on their own for a time.

Zachary, our son, had moved out a few years earlier when he was 18.  He and his wife had rented an apartment and then a small house before moving into our renovated garage.  NOT the ideal situation for any of us, but affordable and with built-in babysitters!  Armed with good intentions and a plan for success, we began this unexpected phase.

It wasn't always easy.  It wasn't always fun.  In fact, it was occasionally terribly stressful.  But the intention was fulfilled and I was blessed to be part of the daily lives of my first grandchildren for over a year.  My husband and I became a team unlike any other time in our marriage.  I learned that true apologies are made out of strength, courage, and humility.  I gained a deeper understanding that love and strife are a part of every relationship but the outlook we want the most WILL conquer the other, if only in our own heart.

I miss seeing Levi and Liam as often as I used to but now our time together is primarily about having fun.  Tiring fun, but still fun.  And I love that! 

"The kids" have done a great job of sprucing up their new place, making it their own.  It is a cute little house with a nice big yard.  

Now my nest houses fewer people but it is still Not-So-Empty because it holds memories of both generations past and generations future, and the potential to be filled with the visitors that come our way. 

I am entirely grateful for all the lessons that I was presented with in the past year.  Hopefully some of them stuck.  I certainly didn't pass all of the tests!  But we each are moving forward, and filtering it out as we go.  And I am not ashamed to say that when I moved a piece of furniture a few days ago I got choked up when under it I found  a Cheerio.

P.S.  My husband also is not ashamed for me to tell you that he got choked up when he read that last sentence.  He is an AWESOME Grandpa... as you can see HERE.


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I got choked up too. Love and miss you. BTW, you have been an example for me.

    1. "As iron sharpens iron" my friend! I, too, learn much from you!