Sunday, June 30, 2013

Odds & Ends in June

I can hardly believe that June has come to its end, but here we are, the heat and humidity leading us closer to the swelter of July and August.  Here is a sampling of what is going on around here... 

1.  The crape myrtles that my son gave me for Mother's Day seem to be satisfied in their new home.  If a shrub could represent my childhood it would be the crape myrtle.  We had a large one in our yard that I spent hours sitting in, playing, singing, imagining.
2.  I finally have a hydrangea in bloom!  This strip of ground must be just right for growing things because everything I've planted there is just, well, blossoming! 
3.  These red dianthuses are taking off just in time for the 4th of July.  They are currently growing in with at least 6 of my potted flowers.  (I looked it up.  Dianthuses is indeed the plural of dianthus.)
4.  Some of my potted plants NOT thriving in the heat.  I haven't even bothered to learn this one's name since I can't get it to grow.  I'm about to pitch it out and replace it with something a bit more reliable.

1.  Clover is everywhere, which means honeybees are everywhere.  So watch your step!
2.  This nasty-looking fungus is called a stinkhorn.  It just popped up in my flowerbed overnight and was gone in a day or two.   Stinkhorn is appropriately named as it it not only looks like a poo-lollipop, but smells of poo, too!  But  flies love it.  Ick!

1.  All of our male hummingbirds are called "Napoleon".  So here is Napoleon surveying his territory waiting to see if he has a clear shot to the feeders.  We don't have as many this year as in years past but I still keep them fed.
2.  This tiny baby bunny has found a home under my hydrangea.  It scampers to the rosemary when we are out watering the shrubs.  Currently he is small enough to fit in the palm of my hand.  That is only a theory since I haven't actually held it.  It is awfully cute!

1.  Summertime is perfect for sun tea.  I make a quart of hibiscus tea this way just about every day.  Might as well use the heat for my benefit, right?

2.  I made/altered curtains for my son's new house.  The curtains for the kitchen and media room are of the fabric pictured above.  The ones for the guest/playroom are solid ivory.  Next is the boys' room.  We have to pick fabric for that first. 

3.  This is what happens when you start to make nectar for the hummingbirds and then forget that you left the burner on.  Yikes!  Folks, no matter how hard I try, I just cannot multi-task.  This is the final proof I need.

1.  I also began trying my hand at glass etching.  This is my very first attempt.  It is hard to see but there is a primitive house with the word "HOME" beneath it.  It was a blogiversary gift for my dear friend, Cheryl, who writes a wonderful blog called "Thinking About Home."  She has been writing it for 4 years!  I made the stencil using contact paper for the house from a picture of one that she used for a series she wrote on hospitality and then used pre-made stencils for the lettering.  She is an excellent hostess both in real life and through her blog.  I am repeatedly blessed by her thoughts.  Stop by for a visit HERE.

I know some of you Heat Seekers need no convincing that summer is great, but I need to purposely look for the evidence.  I will always choose air conditioning over fresh air.  Every time.  Except last Friday.  I did work on a project in the heat of the afternoon but I knew it was time to quit when a bead of sweat dripped into my ear canal.  Something tells me I am going to have to look really, really hard to find much good stuff outside in July!


  1. I really like seeing and hearing about your odds and ends of June.

    1. Thanks! I've toyed with the idea of making it a monthly thing.

  2. 1) I love hydrangeas! They are such a happy flower. (I suppose there are a few good things about summer.) ;)

    2) I love that baby sweet!

    3) I love that you looked up "dianthuses"! :D

    4) I love the etched vase that you made for me...with my blog "house" on it nonetheless! I never expected a blogiversary gift, but this was a thrill. You are so thoughtful.

    5) Apparently, I love exclamation points too!

    1. Feel free to use as many exclamation points as needed! haha!

  3. I love the etched vase. We made some etched baking dishes for Christmas presents this past year and I was surprised by how easy it was, or at least how easy it was once the stencil was made :) It did make me wish for one of those fancy vinyl cutters for just a minute or two

    1. I know what you mean, Allyson. I have a larger piece that I want to etch but my adhesive stencils are just too small and I don't trust my xacto skills much!