Thursday, June 27, 2013

Keeping Up with the Twins

Levi and Liam came to visit a couple different days in June.  Here they are on the day that Grandpa and Daddy had a yard sale...

Liam on the left.  Levi on the right.

Their little white overalls exposed just how dirty my floor was!  They had fun remembering their "old home" even though the furnishings had slightly changed.

Here they are on the day Daddy and Mommy left them with me and Bia (Auntie Amelia) while they went to the dentist...

Levi in orange.  Liam in gray.
Levi loved the new rattle eggs.  He ran around shaking them above his head.  Liam occupied himself by exploring the place using his new climbing skills.

Our fireplace has a built-in wood box that they liked playing in.  They weren't able to climb into it while they lived here.  They've really grown!  And now they know just how to climb down without cracking their heads... feet first.

We went outside to play.  They both HAD to taste the clovers.  They both spit them out.

They are busy little boys, for sure.  I am so looking forward to their next visit!

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