Thursday, October 30, 2014

Easy Trunk or Treat Display

Our church fellowship hosts a Trunk-or-Treat activity each year but this is the first time that we've participated.  Not sure what to expect, I decided to do something very quick and fairly easy.  I'm all about easy-peasy projects!   This plan is for 40 participants. 
Materials List
wooden board (4'x4' luan plywood)
black paint (exterior flat)
orange disposable cups (40)
orange tissue paper (2 packs)
rubber bands (40)
super glue
candy (lots!)
Paint your board black and let dry...
 Fill cups with candy...

Cut tissue paper into squares large enough to overlap tops of cups... (I used a double layer.  I recommend using a single layer.)

Cover cups with tissue paper and fasten with rubber bands...

Apply super glue to bottom edge of cup...

Position cups in an irregular circle and fluff out edges of tissue paper to fill in gaps... 

Paint a stem, vine, and leaf...


Party-goers then choose their circle, punch through the tissue paper, and retrieve all the candy! 


  1. What a great idea! I like it better than simply handing out candy. I'm sure the kids will have fun getting the candy and not just eating it :)

    1. It seemed that the party-goers enjoyed it very much. There were plenty for them to come back around a couple more times, too! :-) I liked this idea because it was simple. I'm not really a fan of elaborate ;-)