Monday, September 1, 2014

Welcome September {2014}


I've been a little lax in the writing department recently.   For quite some time, really.

Inconsistent creativity.  Perhaps that is typical for a lot of people who possess a bipolar brain.

But this first morning of September brought with it a surge of newness that I didn't want to miss out on!  It doesn't matter if it fizzles out in a day, or a week. 

I am receiving this gift as if it were from the very hand of God.  Because it is!

Too often I've said "No, thanks!  It isn't going to last anyway so why get all excited?"  Sad, sad, sad!

Today I was to begin my new exercise routine with a 4 mile walk and a kettlebell workout.  The weather did not cooperate (rain and oppressive humidity) but not to be daunted I popped in an indoor walking program DVD and followed that for about 4 and a half miles.  I had never done this particular routine before (this is borrowed from a friend) and it was much tougher than the others I've used. 

This is the DVD I followed this morning.  I didn't provide a link because I am not endorsing it, only providing the information. 
After showering (did someone let an old goat in here?!?) and taking a quick trip to the grocery store, I worked on a recipe experiment.  I'll share the results regardless of their success.  Just a hint... you might want to have a tissue handy.

And now that lunch is done, I'm off to take a nap and do some other piddling things that need taking care of.  Hopefully Stewart will be home early enough for us to have a good chat before I go swimming later.  I'm going to try for a mile if the weather cooperates and the sun doesn't go down before I'm done.
See ya soon!

***UPDATE***  I did 80 laps in the pool.  74 is a mile.  Where'd all that energy come from?!?


  1. Great job on the pool laps! Maybe you'll pass on your energy! I need it after a weekend with out of town company! Thanks for linking! Feel free to link an 'old' Fall post if you have one!
    Have a wonderful week.

    1. I did a 31 Day series all about October a couple years ago. I might just link that up, too!