Friday, September 5, 2014

He Laughed. You Might, Too.

Those of you who know my husband know that he rarely really laughs.  He has perfected the "heh, heh" when  amused.  So when I can get that man to laugh (and I'm one of the few who can) I feel like I have earned a gold medal!

Over the past year I have been serious about getting regular exercise.  My goal is to exercise 6 days a week.  I try to do a good mix of cardio and resistance workouts to improve my health, but have no expectation of becoming ripped, buff, or svelte.  That's just not a realistic goal for me. 

I am getting stronger, though.  My muscles are getting firmer.  And I've been particularly impressed by how my arms are tightening up.   But I still have that jiggly grandma arm thing happening.  Ugh!

Not many evenings ago I was flexing my biceps and triceps, admiring how much I've achieved.  I struck a distinct pose for my man, and this happened...

Me:  Hey, Hon.  Look at my guns.

Him (with a bit of a patronizing tone):  Mhmm.  I see.

Me:  Hey!  I have guns!  They're just concealed carry!

My husband actually guffawed!  Yes, folks, I was an Olympian at that moment.


  1. I didn't guffaw like him - found it quite amusing though but most of all, found you so very clever to think of that comment!

    1. I lapse into clever at times, coming up with puns like Mom used to :D

  2. A triumph!! :D
    (And I think you're on your way to svelte! I am still thinking about the mile in the pool!)

    1. That mile in the pool was hard won, for sure!