Friday, February 28, 2014

Photo-A-Day... Week 4

Today I am publishing the final 7 pictures for Kati's Photo-a-day Challenge.  It has been really interesting and quite challenging some days.  Thanks so much, Kati, for extending the offer to join in with you.  Hop on over to see Kati's pictures at Kati's Little Corner of the World.  She has some great shots for you to browse through, and not just from this challenge.  Click HERE to see my photos from WEEK ONE.  Click HERE to see my photos from WEEK TWO.  Click HERE to see my photos from WEEK THREE.
Day 22... blue...
A neighbor's garage roof.  And as a bonus, a blue sky!

Day 23... my shoes...
I suppose this speaks for itself.

Day 24... bedside table...
In the guest bedroom.

Day 25... green...
A pale green candle that my daughter gave me that turns almost black when the wax melts.  I captured the smoke inside the jar by putting on the lid to snuff out the flame.  I like how the wick looks like a lonely tree on a misty lake.

Day 26... light...
A random ray of light on an otherwise overcast day bouncing off my first crocus of Spring. 

 Day 27... something I ate...
This was a challenging one, really.  My literal way of thinking forces me to ask the question, "How do I photograph something that I've eaten?" Voila!  The remains of my avocado!  And, yes, I eat them right out of the peel with a spoon.

Day 28... sweet
I try very hard not to have treat-like foods around the house, but I do have a jar that is pretty well stocked with Larabars.  They are for when I go out and think I might be tempted to go off my eating plan.  *Note:  Some Larabars are NOT Whole30 compliant.  Read the labels!


  1. Love that blue roof! And the Fresh Balsam is one of my favorite candle scents! (Although I don't think mine ever had a "lonely tree a misty lake.") ;)

    A crocus!! Come, Spring!!

    I enjoyed seeing your month through the pictures of the photo-a-day challenge. Great job!

    1. You probably are a good candle caretaker and keep your wicks trimmed ;-) Thanks so much!