Friday, February 21, 2014

Photo-A-Day... Week 3

These photos are for week 3 of Kati's Photo-a-day Challenge.  Make sure you visit Kati over at Kati's Little Corner of the World  I'm really enjoying the search for ways to photograph things differently than what I normally would.  I hope you enjoy these glimpses into my life.

Week 1 photographs can be seen HERE.

Week 2 photographs can be seen HERE.

Day 15... phone...
My phone is practically pre-historic, but it works well for what I need.  Believe it or not, my husband's phone is older than mine!
(And the wallpaper picture...  That's Liam at about 10 months old modeling a new hat.  Makes me grin every. single. time!)

Day 16... makes me smile...
You already knew that this would be a picture of my grandsons, right?  They do make me smile.  A lot!  They like to push these end tables around the living room and sit on them as if they are desks.  In fact we call them desks when speaking to them.  And they love to look at books!  It hasn't taken them long to decide which are their favorites books.  They even have favorite pages.  The "glasses" page in the blue book.  The "duck" page in the yellow book.  The "puppy" page in the animal book.  The seek and find pages in their Highlights magazines.  I'm smiling right now!

Day 17... time...
This clock hangs in my kitchen.  It was a wedding gift.  For my parents.  Both of my parents have passed so having this clock in a prominent place in my house reminds me to think of them often.

Day 18... drink...
This is something I drink almost every day... hibiscus tea.  It is a natural tonic for lowering blood pressure.  And it is a beautiful shade of crimson.

Day 19... eyes...
I decided to go with the dreaded selfie on this one.  I do not like to have my picture taken.  Ever!  But I'm trying to be a good sport about it.

Day 20... handwriting...
This is not my handwriting.  It is my mother's.  Most of the recipes in this box are in her handwriting.  I don't often cook Mom's recipes but I like to look through them from time to time.

Day 21... pattern...
This is the carpet pattern in our basement living room.  It is a bit busy, but it works for us!


  1. I do the same with my mother's recipes... That clock was a wedding gift for your parents? It looks quite "today" doesn't it? ! And your grands are so cute. I love how they are using the end tables. Very innovative!

    1. Yep! That clock is about 10 years older than I am, Vee. Funny how fashions and styles come around again.

  2. Joanne, those boys in their "desks" made me laugh out loud! Soooo cute!

    Your hibiscus tea make a beautiful picture.

    I love the clock that is full of significance. How comforting to be able to look at it each day and savor good memories. I also loved seeing your mother's handwritten recipe cards. Now that's a treasure too! I have an envelope with my aunt's recipes, and I can hardly look at it yet. In time...

    One more week of the challenge! Then what will we photograph?!

    1. The twins certainly do make my heart glad! I was especially fond of the hibiscus tea picture, more for the light play and reflection than the subject itself. The things that I have around the house that remind me of my parents brought, at first, a crushing sadness so I fully understand why your aunt's recipes would bring pain to you. I have really enjoyed this photography challenge. It really, really makes me want to take a photography class (and get a better camera!)

  3. I especially like your subjects and pictures for this week! I am wondering whether your mom got the recipe from me. I remember getting that same recipe from a neighbor in King of Prussia - before our Dover years.

    1. I wouldn't doubt that Mom got that recipe from you. They are so good, but it has been years since I made them last.


    That is a sweet face looking at you when you open your phone...and sweet boys playing at their "desks". :)

    How neat that you have your mom's recipes (and in such a pretty box).