Friday, February 14, 2014

Photo A Day Challenge... Week 2

For the month of February I am following along with Kati's Photo-a-day Challenge.  Check out her little corner of the world HERE.  She shares her love for photography, her family, and hymns among other things. 

If you missed last weeks photos, or you just want to see them again, you can find them HERE.  If you don't want to see them, well, don't click that link!

Day 8... the sky
The sky was the color of gloom all day long.  Finally, just as I was about to make supper I saw a little bit of color peaking through the clouds so I slipped on my shoes, ran out the door and climbed into the back of Hubby's pickup.  I wanted to take it from that spot so that the fat telephone wire would be hidden in the tree line.  The skinny wires bug me, too, but not as much.  I was just grateful for a bit of pink in the sky's cheeks!

Day 9... entrance...
Oh, this was a snap and dash photo if ever there was one!  There is just something odd about taking a picture of a stranger's property (not to mention of an actual stranger!) but the house looked somewhat abandoned so the risk wasn't high.  I'm surprised that it turned out as well as it did with my husband's insistent voice saying "There's a truck coming up behind us!"  I got one shot before the window rolled up and we sped away like we'd just knocked off a liquor store.

Day 10... self portrait...
I resist taking selfies.  Kati, if you are reading this, I want you to know that this is the day that almost caused me to not accept this challenge.  I thought about skipping it.  But I didn't want to be a flake so I put my powers of creative thinking to work and came up with this.  Since this is a self portrait and I only spend about 1 and a half minutes in front of the mirror looking at my face every morning, I figured I should photograph the part of me that I see of myself most often.  And lest you think I sit all day, keep in mind that I rarely look down as I go about my daily routine.  But I do sit quite a bit.  Keepin' it real, folks! 

Day 11... something new...
I have wanted one of these babies for years and years but finally just purchased this a few weeks ago because I was planning to try a new recipe that suggested, nay, REQUIRED me to use a mortar and pestle.  Here is my granite lovely on her maiden grind...

Day 12... in my cup...
I'm working on creating my perfect mid-morning summertime smoothie.  A mixture of mango, coconut milk, and chai-inspired spices, I'm currently calling it "Sassy Lass" because it reminds me vaguely of a Mango Lassi that I had at a local Indian restaurant.  But since it is so not authentic I am not calling it a lassi.  That would just be insulting.

Day 13... red...
I looked around my house for something red to photograph and found that I have quite a lot more of the crimson touch than I realized, but not many red items.  So a corner of an item will have to suffice.  This is a small quilt that my Mom made. It is a nice little blanket for naptime!

Day 14... heart...
Okay, okay!  I cheated a little.  I couldn't choose just one so I made a collage.  Go ahead and judge.  I'd do it again.  Except maybe I'd include MORE pictures of my totally adorable twin grandsons.  I've always been rebellious that way.  I bought these window clingy things after Valentine's day last year and broke them out for the boys to play with when we were babysitting.  When they noticed what I was doing (Grandpa had them distracted with one of his Grandpa activities.  Wrestling, probably.)  they were anxious to see how they worked.  And how they didn't work. Liam quickly discovered that his "hawt"  would stick to his face.  Levi liked sticking them to the mirror.  I just love these little guys!


  1. No judging here! No siree! I wouldn't have left out a single one of those in your collage.
    I love your quilt with the bits of red. Even more special as it was made by your mom.
    What a great idea to get in the back of Stewart's truck to get that shot!
    You have met the challenge again!

    1. I'm afraid I wasn't a very good sport about the self portrait but was hoping that by infusing a bit of humor I'd redeem myself :-)

  2. I'm getting a kick out of the "self-portrait" and the "I couldn't choose just one." Right. I have that problem all the time. Wanted you to know that I had a lovely package arrive yesterday. Those napkins are terrific. We'll be using them at our lunch time table today! And the napkin rings are too cute. Love the details of buttons on crochet flowers. Wonderful! (I have never had this many napkin rings before!) Thanks so much.

    1. I'm glad to hear that they arrived so quickly, Vee, and hope that you enjoy them for a long time to come! I don't often use cloth napkins or napkin rings but I sure do like the idea of it!
      There is a reason I keep hold of my camera... so that I don't have to be in pictures. It may be vanity, I don't know, but I don't like to have my picture taken at all. And those grandsons of mine... adorable overload!