Friday, March 8, 2013

Liam Spends the Day With Grandma... In His Own Words

1.  Levi is lucky.  He gets to go to the big hospital for tests.  I have to sit here listening to Grandma ramble on about tablecloths and curtains.  I'm just gonna look out the window while she cleans up after breakfast.

2.  We just got home from Hobby Lobby.  I am so happy to take my socks off!
3.  OOOO I love taking my socks off!
4.  Look, Grandma!  No socks!
5.  What should I do with my socks?

6.  I think I shall taste them.
7.  Not very tasty, socks.
8.  You wanna taste my socks, Grandma?

9.  The clothes basket is big.
10.  It isn't heavy.  I can pull it over to help Grandma!

11.  Time to climb up the step onto the landing.
12.  I am going to burn off a lot of energy crawling all over the landing.
13.  One of these days I will reach the doorknob, and then I can play outside whenever I want to.

14.  Here I come, Grandma!
15.  What is gravity, Grandma?
16.  Why do I need to have depth perception, Grandma?
17.  I think I will just stay up here and play a little while longer.

18.  Yoda's ear tastes waaaay better than my sock.
19.  Darth Vader does, too.

20. I'm playing.
21.  I'm climbing.
22.  I'm examining.
23. I'm watching TV.
24.  Grandma is kissing me.  She's always kissing me.

25.  I like to stretch after my nap.
26.  What is that?
27.  It is the puppies!!  I love the puppies.  Why don't the puppies love me?

28.  I wonder what I can get into over here?
29.  Over here I feel something plastic.  A plastic bag.  I'm not allowed to play with plastic bags.  I'm going to anyway.  Maybe Grandma won't notice.

31.  She noticed!  Hi, Grandma!  I loooooove yooooooou!

32.  I love my 3:00 milk in a sippy cup!  Thank you, Grandma!

33.  My Grandpa is home.  I love my Grandpa.
34. Wheeeeeee!
35.  Oh! Grandma is still here?  Awkward...
36.  I am so over this.  I've had my dinner.  Where is my Mommy?
37.  Really.  Where is my Mommy?
38.  Does Grandma not understand English?  Where. Is. My. Mommy?!?!

39.  I just heard voices.  That better be my Mommy!
<Grandma>  Liam and I had a great day together but he was pretty glad to have Daddy, Mommy, and Levi back home from A.I. DuPont where Levi was having some tests run.  He is fine, everything is clear, and he does not have to go back.  I'm exhausted.  Goodnight!


  1. So cleaver and cute. Liam tells it all in a few words and cute as pie expressions!


  2. Completely understand why you are exhausted! And that was just one! Thanks for sharing. Loved reading about his day.

    1. A friend of mine had 3-year-old twin daughters. We graduated from high school together, making us the same age. Thinking of her doing this every day, all day, gives me the energy to make it through til bedtime. Thanks for reading! I loved writing it from (what I think is) his perspective.

    2. That should be *has*, not had.

  3. Loved it!! Thought of you several times yesterday wondering how the day was going. Looks like it went well. You did a tremendous job in showing us your day.

    1. Thanks! We did very well together, although I decided against grocery shopping after we went to Hobby Lobby. He and Levi are a hoot and a half. I'll have to think of something special to do with Levi!