Sunday, December 1, 2013

Make it New Monday Link-Up 12/2/13

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This month I am showing how I up-cycled  a shrunken child's Christmas sweater into ornament sized pillows. The idea came from some sweater hearts that I saw on Pinterest.  It was a quite simple project, taking only an hour or so to complete.  I may make some hearts with the leftover fabric.

I found the sweater for $1.00 and had the thread and poly-fil on hand.  Inexpensive!
Cut apart sweater at seams.

Measure for seam allowance and cut to desired shape.  I will leave a bit more seam allowance next time.  Do and learn, right?

Pin well, and save scraps and buttons for another project.

Sew around edges with close stitches so that sweater doesn't unravel and leave a gap to turn right-side out after sewing.  Stuff and sew the opening closed, hiding stitches as well as you can.

Finished product on display!

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  1. What a darling project! And for a dollar investment? Wow!! What to "make it new"!

    (Would it be okay to link up my kitchen island? Life has been in "a day at a time" mode around here...and there is very little "new"!)

    1. Absolutely you may link up your kitchen island! Older posts are more than welcome here. I have a feeling that several days are going to attack me at once if I don't soon get myself in gear.

    2. Thanks, Joanne! On my way to link up...

  2. Those little pillows are so cute and the beautiful pine cones are perfect to nestle them in.