Thursday, September 19, 2013

August Photography Challenge


It doesn't take long when reading my blogs to figure out that I am not a photographer.   I am a picture taker who hesitates to even call my pictures photography.  I'm not even sure that I enjoy taking pictures all that much but I'm convinced that is because I am not very good at it.  I'd eventually like to take photography classes but for now that is not an option so I just sort of play around with my camera. 

When I stumbled across THIS picture on Pinterest in July I decided that it would be a fun thing to do to help me by forcing me to take pictures of things that I wouldn't ordinarily think to take pictures of.   And since we were traveling for about 10 days of this time there was even more of a challenge to find my needed subjects.  Some of the pictures were taken out of order.  

Day 13 will, in part, explain why this post wasn't done on time. 

Day 1, my handwriting
Day 1... A quote from my quote journal, perhaps based on Proverbs 17:28.   Placed on a windowsill on an overcast day.

Day 2, hands
Day 2... Grandpa's watch is a favorite plaything of Levi and Liam.  Taken at sunset near a west-facing window.

Day 3, water
Day 3... The first few drops before a rainstorm on a metal table.  Taken outside on a rainy morning.

Day 4, a self-portrait
Day 4... My husband and me.  Taken with indoor lighting only.

Day 5, something I made
Day 5... An old-fashioned flour scoop that I made in the 8th grade in woodworking class.  It used to have a handle.  Taken near an east-facing window on a sunny morning.

Day 6, a favorite place
Day 6... A comfortable spot to read, study, write, watch TV, sleep, etc.  Flash was used for this.

Day 7, in my bag
Day 7...  A glimpse inside my purse.  My daughter's teddy bear in the background as we are heading out to take her for her senior year of college.  Taken in late afternoon by an east-facing window.

Day 8,  activity I love
Day 8...  Editing a picture of me playing with Levi and Liam.  I LOVE playing with them and enjoy editing pictures so this is a "two-fer"! Taken with kitchen lighting.

Day 9, transportation
Day 9... Our rental car.  Full afternoon sun.

Day 10, what I wore
Day 10... This is the top I wore when we spent the afternoon eating pizza and playing at the park with my nephew and his family.  Taken with overhead lighting in a darkened room.

Day 11, landscape
Day 11... A small stream at the aforementioned park.  Okay, I cheated and took them both on the same day.  Taken from under a shade tree in early afternoon.

Day 12, from a distance

Day 12... I certainly kept my distance from this big bull.  He appeared none too happy with me for disturbing his herd even though I was on the other side of the fence among the hedge shrubs.  Taken using a still life setting, zoomed, with flash.

Day 13, a bad habit
Day 13... One of my very worst habits is leaving projects unfinished, or completing them long after I had intended to, as this puzzle represents. Very low light, with flash.  It was difficult getting this picture because of the reflection of the flash.

Day 14, clouds
Day 14... I was snapping pictures of clouds all day long.  This is the most pleasing of them all, driving down the highway, taken through the car windshield.

Day 15, green
 Day 15... A magnolia tree at Belle Meade, Tennessee.  All natural light.

Day 16, high angle
Day 16... I'm not really sure what high angle is, so I just took a picture from a high vantage point.  Taken from inside a glass elevator.
Day 17, low angle
Day 17... Again, not sure what low angle means so I just took a picture from below.  And as an aside, can you believe that the toll for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is now $6.00?

Day 18, shoes
Day 18... Quite possibly the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn.  Good thing because I'm supposed to wear them at all times at home.  Even if I get up in the middle of the night.  Which I don't do.  But I'm supposed to.

Day 19, blue
Day 19...  The anniversary card my husband gave me.  No flash, dim lighting.

Day 20, dinner
Day 20...  Chop salad with pine nuts and feta.

Day 21, summertime
Day 21... A friend's pool.  Bright summer day, no flash needed!

Day 22, sunset
Day 22... Possibly the worst picture of a sunset ever taken.  But this is what I was given on that day, so I just went with it.  Facing east across the Nanticoke River.

Day 23, eyes
Day 23... Liam.  So very upset about having to be in his car seat.  He wouldn't even look at me.  Natural lighting.

Day 24, a mess
Day 24... I absolutely hate litter.  Seriously people, there are garbage cans EVERYWHERE! Use them! 

Day 25, dressed up
 Day 25... For our 25th wedding anniversary my husband and I got new wedding bands.  He also had an anniversary ring made for me using 4 diamonds that I already had and a new one.  I rarely wear jewelry or get manicures, so this is "dressed up" for me.  Outside natural lighting, near sunset.

Day 26, black and white
 Day 26... At the corner of my house is a spider who has spun her web.  She is in exactly this position every day, all day.  I couldn't find a black and white feature on my camera so that part was done on Picmonkey.

Day 27, fruit
 Day 27... Blueberries in antique dish.  Natural light.

Day 28, orange
 Day 28... The orange cup from my set of coffee cups.  Flash.

Day 29, pink
 Day 29...  The undersides of the more mature leaves are pink.  Bright morning sun.

Day 30, close up
 Day 30... Close up of wild berries along the Nanticoke River.  Flash at overcast sunset.

Day 31, mail
Day 31... Not the most interesting picture to end with.  When I get the mail from the mailbox, this is where it sits until Hubby takes care of it.  Flash.


  1. Wow! This must have really kept you snapping! Good pictures of suitable subjects!

    1. I have to admit, it did get a little tedious. Some days just lacked inspiration. But I got it done, albeit a bit late!