Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring, So Far

Spring has never been my favorite season, likely due to the fact that our weather is so erratic and it signals the coming of summer.  Our summers are muggy and looooong.  I am not fond of summer.  At all. Spring ushers in summer so... kill the messenger!  But in keeping with "pursuing contentment and joy" I decided to anticipate spring this year by planting spring bulbs last fall.  You can read about that HERE.

Lo and behold, this spring has brought travel, mostly nice weather, and pretty flowers. Here are a few picture that I took while in Florida...

~sunflower stepping stone in Aunt Betty's garden
~tree-within-a-tree, also in Aunt Betty's garden
~slice of fresh sourdough bread with real butter for an almost midnight snack
~the other loaf
~one of the pretty spring decorations at Aunt Betty's house
~pulled pork lunch... I did NOT eat all the food pictured

You can read a little more about my Florida trip HERE.

Here are some pictures of the flowers that greeted me this spring... 

~the determined crocus
~the friendly daffodil with the fragrant hyacinth
~the much-anticipated peony shoots
~the budding hydrangea
~the chartreuse groundcover (sorry!  forgot its name)
~the tentative clematis

Here are some pictures of odds and ends...

~gift t-shirt from a great friend who knows the struggle and supports the process
~first attempt at hypertufa
~spring bunny pedestal found online purely by accident at 50% off
~un-named hedgehog takes his place on the party cart

This spring has brought with it some very hard times in our family.  It hasn't all been happy and light-hearted.  Spring, so far, has been tough.  Really tough.  But I, together with my husband, have set my hand to the proverbial plow and am not looking back.  Spring, so far, has been good. Really good.


  1. This is so nice, Joanne. I forgot to tell you before, I like the banner. Spring sounds like a mixed bag for you for sure. Hopefully the fun times will be what you remember most. Funny, you took pictures of two things that I have never really featured - the stepping stone (wish I had cloroxed it) and the sprouted camphor tree. Your tufa looks good.

  2. Thank you! Part of the reason I liked the stepping stone is because of the patina! I want to do more tufa but use a different "release" method than a plastic bag. Sure wish we lived closer so that we could do stuff like that together.