Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Tail of Two Bunnies.

I'm not particularly good at sewing and I'm not particularly fond of decorating with pillows, so why have I been sewing so many decorative pillows lately?  I'm not entirely sure!  But I have found a certain amount of relaxing enjoyment in the process so I'm just gonna go with it.  Plus I bought a huge amount of polyfil that MUST be used!  My husband made all but one of the stencils I've used for my pillows so far so all the credit for that goes to him.

I've used this bunny stencil for a pillow that was part of a giveaway.  You can see that here.   I put a new spring twist on my most recent bunny pillow using a light-colored fabric and white paint.  I was fairly pleased with the results! 

Here is how it looked while it was still at my house...

This bunny pillow was not meant to stay with me, though.  It was made to live with someone else.  My Aunt Betty.  Aunt Betty is not biologically my aunt, but a dear friend of my Mom's for as far back as I can remember.  They met through church when I was just a year or 2 old so I cannot remember a time when she was not Mom's friend.  She and Mom remained friends until Mom's passing... and then she became my friend!

I visited her in February '12 for the first time since I was a teenager.  I was sick almost the entire time, not the ideal house guest AT ALL!  She graciously welcomed me back this year for a second visit and I wanted to present her with a gift that showed my appreciation.  Knowing that she enjoys seasonal decorating, I decided to make her a bunny pillow for Spring.

After I sewed it I asked my husband if he thought it needed a fluffy tail.  I think I worded the question something like this... "Hey Hon.  I am going to ask your opinion but before you answer please be fully aware that I may completely dismiss it.  And please don't let that offend you.  Do you think I should put a fluffy tail on this bunny pillow?"

He said that he thought it did need one but, true to form, I decided against it thinking that it would've been "too much" with the ruffles at the top and bottom.  So sans fluffy tail, the bunny pillow and I headed to Aunt Betty's Florida home.

Here it is, hanging out in his new digs and getting to know his neighbor...

Notice that the neighbor seems a bit disgruntled that he is now required to share his perch.  Poor chap!  Aunt Betty informed me that he had not been out of a storage space for several years so I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and think that it was probably poor eyesight that was making him glare so!  After a little discussion,  Aunt Betty stated that she agreed with my husband about adding a fluffy tail so off to the store we went in search of the perfect one.

Here it is after the new addition...
The neighbor is still unimpressed but looks to be warming up a bit.  We thought the fluffy tail was just the thing!  What do you think?  Before you answer please be fully aware that I may completely dismiss your opinion... <ornery grin>
My visit with Aunt Betty was the exact thing I needed.  It was relaxing and peaceful, and I am so glad that I was able to go.  I hope to visit again.  You can visit her as well through her blog My Crazy Quilt LifeShe will take you on tours of her gardens, serve you tea, share some of her decorating talents, and occasionally take you on tours of interesting places around Orlando. 
Now I am off to work on my next pillow.  It is a complete departure from the ones I've made thus far.  Look for it to be featured in October when I publish a series entitled "31 Days of Making It New". 


  1. I love this post! Loved having you here. Am so glad you stayed well this time and we were able to go out to eat and shop!

    1. I am still completely impressed that I enjoyed shopping!

  2. I like it with the tail, think it is the perfect finishing touch.

    1. So do I, now that it is there. I'm always so cautious about "too much"!