Monday, June 30, 2014

June Photo Challenge... Days 27 through 30

This is the last grouping of pictures I have taken for Kati's Photo-a-day Challenge for June.  I've really enjoyed seeing others' interpretation of the prompts that Kati provided.  So many creative people who, without knowing, help me think differently about my own picture taking.  So I say "Thank you, Kati, for setting up this challenge!"

The first grouping of my pictures can be found HERE.
The second grouping can be found HERE.
The third grouping can be found HERE.
The fourth grouping can be found HERE.

And now for the finale...

Day 27... fruit
Technically, the star of this show is the chocolate zucchini cake but if you try and concentrate, you'll see that the fruit is there, too.  Black raspberries.  Small but sweet and flavorful.

Day 28... yellow
I don't think of myself having much yellow around the house but after I started really looking, I discovered that I had more than I thought and had several subjects from which to choose.  This is a volunteer plant coming up in the compost bin.  I'm interested to see what it produces, if anything.  It sure does make the eyesore a bit more easy to look at.

Day 29... grass
This furry little critter has been digging a hole in our front yard in an effort, I assume, to build a nest.  Here she is chewing some grass to mix with mud with which she made a sort of thatched roof for the burrow.

Day 30... looking up
The upward view from my front door.



  1. I like your new blog design! Great!

    Your fruit looks so delicious! I love raspberries! What a cute bunny in the grass. I like how your grass picture isn't the typical "blade of grass" focus. :)

    1. Thank you, Kati. The more I look at the new design, the more I like it.
      And thanks for hosting this fun challenge. I've really, really enjoyed the prompts and seeing how others interpreted them.

  2. Fabulous pictures...every one!!
    Yes, I did have to take notice of the raspberries, with that chocolaty goodness staring me in the face. I do love raspberries though! Wonderful twirly vine with the volunteer flower...good choice! Love the sweet little bunny mama in the grass. a view!
    I have enjoyed seeing your entries this month in Kati's photo challenge!

    1. Thanks so much, Cheryl. This month of pictures was really fun for me. My favorite photo-a-day challenge so far.