Monday, August 5, 2013

Spicy Pickle Dip

I like dill pickles.  I like moderately spicy stuff.  I like dippy stuff.  So when I stumbled upon a recipe for spicy dill pickle dip I said to myself, "Self, you must try this."  I don't really call myself "Self".  But I do talk to myself.  But that isn't the point.  The point is, I knew immediately that I wanted to try this stuff.  ON stuff.  Stuff on Stuff.  MAH FAVORITE! 

The recipe looked too creamy for my preference and the type of pickles it used are unavailable in this area, so I made an executive decision and scrapped it, creating my own.  I'm not usually such a rebel with recipes the first time I make them but since I would be serving this to guests, I wanted it to be as more to our liking.  So I tested small batches and came up with a good pickle-to-creamy ratio.

I served Spicy Pickle Dip at an Indoor Picnic with chips.  It was a hit with those of us who like dill pickles.  Not so much for the ones who don't.  And that is a fair assessment.  You really do need to like dill pickles to appreciate it. You can read about the Indoor Picnic HERE

As I said, I served the dip with chips.  I don't eat chips on a regular basis so I knew I would be trying it on other stuff... and had great results.  I hope you make it for yourself.  You know, if you like pickles.  Feel free to hack it and tell me what you think! 
yield: approximately 3 cups
8 oz. cream cheese, softened
8 oz. sour cream
24 oz. baby dills, drained, juice reserved
2 heaping Tablespoons diced jalapenos (from a jar, not fresh)
1 teaspoon garlic powder
Grate dill pickles or otherwise process 'til finely chopped.   Add cream cheese, sour cream, jalapenos, and garlic powder.  Mix well.  Add enough reserved pickle juice to make desired consistency. (See note**)  Chill for several hours.  Serve with assorted dippers:  potato chips, fried pork rinds (chicharones sounds so much better!), various raw veggies, fried chicken wings, etc.
**The first time I made this I stirred it together.  I needed to add juice to make it dip-ish.  The second time I made it I processed it all in my food processor and didn't add any and it was a little on the runny side.  Perfect for a thick salad dressing!


  1. I would LOVE this without the pepper. I'm gonna try it for sure. Thanks

    1. Let me know if you like it without the spice!

  2. Good...good! Thanks for the recipe. My three pickle-juice-drinking children will love it! (Well, the two who ate it at your house already loved it. And I know that the third one will too...) =D

    1. So glad your pickle-loving kids liked it!