Thursday, December 6, 2012

Godzilla Twins Visit the Nativity

This is my first Christmas as a grandmother so to celebrate that I bought a Nativity playset for the twins to play with while I read to them or sing Christmas songs.  Up until last night I only offered one or 2 pieces at a time for them to explore while sitting in their highchairs.   With this new setup they were a bit tentative at first, choosing to pound on the floor with one piece at a time but they soon decided that total annihilation was what the scene called for.  

Levi was especially intent on testing each and every piece for durability.  Liam was only slightly more gentle in his exploration. They chewed and drooled on each piece in turn, concussed angel and wiseman alike, and flung sheep hither and yon.  They also devoted a bit of time debunking the theory that you cannot force a horse to drink once you've lead him to water (using camel and well as test subjects).

Here they are, Levi in stripes, Liam in plain.  I can hardly wait to see what they do with wrapping paper and boxes on Christmas morning :-)    


  1. Oh, my, double trouble. What fun you will have! Reminds me of our minister telling about his young child heaving baby Jesus up in the air and he landed and stayed on an exposed beam. I don't remember how it fit in with his sermon!

    1. Fortunately for our baby Jesus, he has a snug fitting peg to sit on. He stayed in place even when the barn was upside down!